About Refurbishments

Schulmerich® Handbells are built to last, but from time to time, they may need refurbishment.  To preserve your warranty and protect your investment in our instruments, in addition to performing refurbishment work here at Schulmerich, we’ve established three Authorized Refurbishment Centers, whose work will be performed under factory supervision.  Work performed either by Schulmerich or at our Authorized Refurbishment Centers will continue to receive Schulmerich's lifetime warranty on our handbells and will be backed by the full force of the company's tradition of customer service.

Please note that all of our Authorized Refurbishment Centers – and Schulmerich itself – have a uniform pricing schedule for refurbishment work.

These centers have been approved based upon the quality of their work, customer satisfaction, and their commitment to the preservation of our standard of excellence.  The Authorized Refurbishment Centers are located in key customer regions, so as to keep shipping costs low and minimize turn-around time. They have recently undergone extensive training and are ready to provide factory-authorized, quality work.

We’ve also made it easier than ever for customers to ship their bells straight to Schulmerich.  We’ve negotiated deeply discounted rates ($80 per octave round trip) with our shipping carrier.  We are offering to use our substantial buying power to insure our customers’ bells from the moment they leave our customers' facilities to the moment the bells are returned to our customers.  We provide boxes and labels and automated pickup and delivery of the bells.  It's never been easier to have your bells serviced by the people who made them.

There are several levels of handbell refurbishment and handchime tune-ups available.  Please see our most current Refurbishment Document below. All of our facilities will now use our Optional Polishing Method to ensure uniform instrument tuning to our exacting standards. Because this method is less aggressive than other methods, natural blemishes or marks might remain on an aging casting, even after polishing. We will not polish a casting in a way that removes a blemish, but degrades sound quality.

Download our Refurbishment document (PDF)

Scheduling Refurbishment Work

Please complete and send the order form to refurb@SchulmerichBells.com.

All handbell refurbishments, whether performed by our Authorized Refurbishment Centers or by Schulmerich, must be arranged through Schulmerich’s Handbell Refurbishment Coordinator.  Please do not directly contact our Authorized Refurbishment Centers to schedule an appointment.  They will redirect you to the factory.

Changes to Schulmerich® Parts Policy

The refurbishment policy is intended to help customers protect their investments, and not to inconvenience our customers or to restrict customers from repairing their own instruments.  Customers will still be able to order parts for their own instruments. Schulmerich reserves the right to limit the sale of parts that enable or support the disassembly of our Select-A-Strike™ and Quick-Adjust™ Clapper Assemblies.  If, after a conversation with our parts department, a customer wants to order parts sufficient to refurbish a set of bells, we may agree to sell those parts but, please be aware that repairs performed by unauthorized or untrained personnel may damage your bells and could invalidate your warranty.

Please call our home office at +1-215- 257-2771, Ext 123 with any questions.