The Greig Ashurst Artist Series Mallets

The Greig Ashurst Artist Series is a line of cutting-edge handbell mallets specifically engineered to meet the demands of today’s professional handbell musicians. Each of the series’ eight models are the result of months of intensive research, development, testing, and collaboration between Schulmerich and percussionist Greig Ashurst.

Each Mallet in the Greig Ashurst Artist series is constructed with specially weighted rubber cores of varying sizes and densities to deliver an articulate, rich tone that emphasizes the deepest possible fundamental of a handbell. These subtle differentiations empower each mallet to excel in specific note and dynamic ranges, and empower you to bring your performances to life.

Greig Ashurst’s Line of Mallets

AS0 (Forest Green Yarn): Delivers a clear attack while maintaining the richness of the lowest range of handbells.

AS1 (Raspberry Yarn):  Impeccably articulates bass lines while still creating warm rolls in the low range of handbells.

AS2 (Black Polyester):  Creates clean melodies as well as moving bass lines. Has the largest range of the bass mallets and will bring out the resonant qualities of any bass bells.

AS3 (Red Polyester):  Accentuates full-bodied sound of the middle-low range of handbells. This versatile mallet speaks well at all dynamics and intensities, particularly melodic and accompaniment lines.

AS4 (Silver Polyester):  Excellent continuation of the sound choice spectrum for clean articulate melodies and effortless rolls.

AS5 (Blue Polyester):  The most versatile treble mallet ever created. Allows the musician the largest range of playing while creating the richest Fundamental throughout the treble staff and beyond. The perfect handbell soloist mallet. 

AS6 (Blue Elliptical):  Brings out vibrant treble melodies while maintaining the crisp integrity of handbell sound.

AS7 (Black Lexan):  The most articulate mallet for the highest range of bells. Creates clean, crisp articulate sounds without sacrificing the true timbre of upper-range handbells.

About the Artist

As a veteran conductor, composer, educator, and performer, Mr. Ashurst’s unquestionable expertise in concert percussion and ringing instruments made it possible to design a range of mallets specifically made to articulate clarity throughout the entire seven octave range of handbells.