The New Way to Buy from Schulmerich

At the core of our business, as important to us as the sounds that we create, is our commitment to our customers. We believe in a tireless dedication to improving upon how we serve the changing needs of our audience, and we are constantly looking for new ways to forge better relationships.

Changes in 2013:

New for 2014:

Changes to Our Sales Model

All orders for handbell or MelodyChime® Instruments can be placed directly through our website or by calling our factory sales team in Sellersville, PA.  Note that all add-on octaves and individual handbells/handchimes must be ordered directly from the home office.

Contact us at +1-215-257-2771, 800-772-3557, or

Changes to our internal staff have made this a far more efficient and seamless process for our customers, and we're excited to be able to provide you with a new level of service from our expanded home office staff. In an effort to continue to deliver a higher level of service to you, our customers, we are continuing to expand our network of national Authorized Refurbishments Centers. These centers will provide a higher level of skilled service for repairing your Schulmerich products. To learn more about updates to our sales model, please click here.

As an option, our Domestic Representatives can sell complete sets of our instruments and all accessories should you choose to order through them. To see the complete list of our sales representatives, please click here.

Improved Service Offerings

We also know that handbell and handchime service is a huge aspect of what you've come to expect from our company, and along with these changes we are excited to introduce improved ways of meeting your ongoing service and maintenance needs. They are as follows:

We're excited about these changes, but we're overjoyed about the opportunity to better serve our customers. We are always open to hearing what you think and ways that we can better meet your needs; please don't ever hesitate to contact us directly to share any of your feedback or insights. We'd love to hear from you.