Community Outreach

Schulmerich’s mission is to reach out to the world-wide community through our full complement of bell instruments to encourage greater appreciation of handbell music and to increase the number and breadth of people playing handbells.  For decades, Schulmerich has made generous contributions to various organizations and institutions around the world engaged in building the handbell tradition.  Each year specific projects are considered.  Requests for support of special projects should be addressed to

As one example of the company’s community outreach, in December of 2012, Schulmerich presented the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona with a complete three-octave set of handbells in addition to handbell tables, foam pads, table covers, and mallets.  This equipment will be used to support the museum’s educational outreach program. 

Organization Links

Schulmerich is a key player in the global handbell community.  We often become aware of handbell-related events as they are in their formative stages.  These links will keep you informed regarding various local, national and international initiatives and events aimed at building and celebrating the handbell tradition.

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